Bahá’í Prayers in Shuswap

Short obligatory prayer

Tqeltk-kukwpi7 tk'wem7`i7plentsme
(Chief above) (bear witness to me)
es Kuk'lentsemc es tselxmsts`in
(that You created me) (that I know You)
ell es xeymstsin
(and worship/honour You)
Me7 lex`e'yents`utst-ken pyin
(I will) (testify) (now)
ren sqwenqw`eqwnt ell re newi7
(I am poor) (and You)
xyum re7 sxex`e7
(big) (your) (might)
Ta7 k swets tsukw re newi7
(Nobody) (only) (You)
Tqeltk K`ukwpi7 tikwemt`us re
(God) (always)
skn`uncwentsemc e m-qwenqwent wiwelc-wen
(you help me) (when I am pitiful)
Xex`e7-k w7ec re yucwmens-tsutucw
(You are powerful) (You always look after yourself)


O God Guide Me

Tqeltk K`ukwpi7 ts`utse`m,ects,me
(Chief Above) (show me)
(look after me) (help me)
es xenw`ewenes ts`etkwen
(in order to/so I can) (shine/illumine)
re s7i7llcwre cucuw`ell
(others) (the road)
t's`ilemte xyum
(like) (a big)
te sek`usen't


Translated by Ron and Maryanne Ignace, and Bill Porter
Cache Creek, BC. 1998