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Kara Dika Gwauatao Guriguri

Inai guriguri be Bahá'u'lláh ena Sivarai Namo Ihataurahanitana (Namba 9) dekena amo ia mai.

...Kerere gwauraia hedinaraia taunimanima huana dekenai be ia maoro lasi, ...Kara dika tauna be namo, ia bona Dirava huanai bogahisihisi ia noia bogahisihisi ena Davara badana dekenai bona gwauatao ia noia hariharibada Gubana dekenai bona ia gwau:

Dirava e, lauegu Dirava! Lau noinoi Oi dekenai, Oiemu lalokau momokani taudia edia rara dekenai. Inai taudia be Oiemu hereva digarana ese ia hamoaledia bona haraga idia lao Hairai Ororo Dorina, abidadama taudia idia alaia gabuna dekenai. Bona lau noinoi Oi dekenai Oiemu Aonega lalonai ia noho hunia gaudia dekenai bona nadi namo herea idia noho namonamo hariharibada ena davara badana dekenai, gwauatao Oi henia lau bona lauegu tamana bona lauegu sinana dekenai. Momokani oiemu bogahisihisi be bogahisihisi taudia ibounai edia bogahisihisi ia hereaia. Dirava ta be lasi, Oi sibona Hanaihanai Kara Dika Gwauatao Diravana, Mai Hariharibada Ibounai.

Lohiabada e! Oi itaia inai kara dika momokani tauna ia giroa Oiemu harihari ena davara badana dekenai bona inai goada lasi tauna Oiemu siahu basileia ia tahua noho bona inai ogogami tauna Oiemu kohu momo dina hisiuna dekenai ia giroa. Lohiabada e! Oiemu bogahisihisi bona hariharibada dekena amo ena lalona oi hahisia lasi. Oiemu dinadia lalonai Oiemu hariharibada ese ia hedinarai gaudia Oi koua lasi ia dekenai. Oiemu guba bona tanobada noho taudia dekenai Oi kehoa bada iduarana amo Oi lulua lasi.

Madi O! Madi O! Lauegu kara dikadia ese Oiemu ruma helaga dekenai ia kougu bona lauegu dika ese Oiemu siahu palai dubuna dekenai ia hakaugu daudau. Oi taravatu lau dekenai gaudia lau karaia vadaeni bona Oi haduaia lau dekenai gaudia lau atoa siri vadaeni. Lauegu dika be Oiemu gwautao ia koua. Oi lau noia, Oi dekenai Daika be ladana ibounai edia Lohia bona edia king, kahirakahira Oi dekenai ia verigu mai bona lauegu dika ia huria ore gauna Oiemu hariharibada Torea Gauna dekenai oi torea diho lau totona.

Momokani, Oi be mai Siahu bona Hariharibada. Dirava ta be lasi Oi sibona, Mai Goada bona Harihari gaudia Henia Diravana.




This prayer is from the ninth Glad-Tidings of Bahá'u'lláh.

...Confession of sins and transgressions before human beings is not permissible... The sinner should, between himself and God, implore mercy from the Ocean of mercy, beg forgiveness from the Heaven of generosity and say:

O God, my God! I implore Thee by the blood of Thy true lovers who were so enraptured by Thy sweet utterance that they hastened unto the Pinnacle of Glory, the site of the most glorious martyrdom, and I beseech Thee by the mysteries which lie enshrined in Thy knowledge and by the pearls that are treasured in the ocean of Thy bounty to grant forgiveness unto me and unto my father and my mother. Of those who show forth mercy, Thou art in truth the Most Merciful. No God is there but Thee, the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Bountiful.

O Lord! Thou seest this essence of sinfulness turning unto the ocean of Thy favour and this feeble one seeking the kingdom of Thy divine power and this poor creature inclining himself towards the day-star of Thy wealth. By Thy mercy and Thy grace, disappoint him not, O Lord, nor debar him from the revelations of Thy bounty in Thy days, nor cast him away from Thy door which Thou hast opened wide to all that dwell in Thy heaven and on Thine earth.

Alas! Alas! My sins have prevented me from approaching the Court of Thy holiness and my trespasses have caused me to stray far from the Tabernacle of Thy majesty. I have committed that which Thou didst forbid me to do and have put away what Thou didst ordain me to observe.

I pray Thee by Him Who is the sovereign Lord of Names to write down for me with the Pen of Thy bounty that which will enable me to draw nigh unto Thee and will purge me from my trespasses which have intervened between me and Thy forgiveness and Thy pardon.

Verily, Thou art the Potent, the Bountiful. No God is there but Thee, the Mighty, the Gracious.