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Headava Guriguri

Hanamoa be Oi dekenai, lauegu Dirava e! Momokani Oiemu hesiai tauna bona Oiemu hesiai hahine idia mai haboua Oiemu bogahisihisi ena keruma henunai, Oiemu kara namo bona Oiemu hariharibada ese ia hatamonadia. Lohiabada e! Oiemu tanobada bona Oiemu basileia lalonai Oi durudia, Oiemu hariharibada bona Oiemu kara namo dekenai gau namodia ibounai Oi hegaegae karaia idia totona.

Lohiabada e! Edia hesiai gaukara Oi dekenai Oi hamomokania bona Oiemu gaukara idia karaia neganai durua oi henidia. Oiemu Ladana toana inai tanobada dekenai Oi halaodia bona Oi gimadia Oiemu harihari gaudia dekena amo. Inai harihari gaudia be do idia ore lasi inai tanobada bona vaira tanobada dekenai. Lohiabada e! Idia be Oiemu bogahisihisi ena basileia dekenai bona Oi sibona noho gabuna dekenai idia noinoi. Momokani idia headava Oiemu taravatu hegeregerena. Laloa tamona bona hebou tamona toana dekenai Oi halaodia ela bona dokona.

Momokani Oi be Mai Siahu Ibounai, Goada Ibounai, Gabu Ibounai Noho Diravana.




Glory be unto Thee, O my God! Verily this Thy servant and this Thy maidservant have gathered under the shadow of Thy mercy and they are united through Thy favour and generosity. O Lord! Assist them in this Thy world and Thy kingdom and destine for them every good through Thy bounty and grace.

O Lord! Confirm them in Thy servitude and assist them in Thy service. Suffer them to become the signs of Thy Name in Thy world and protect them through Thy bestowals which are inexhaustible in this world and the world to come. O Lord! They are supplicating the kingdom of Thy mercifulness and invoking the realm of Thy singleness. Verily, they are married in obedience to Thy command. Cause them to become the signs of harmony and unity until the end of time.

Verily, Thou art the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent and the Almighty.