Thou knowest, O God...

Thou knowest, O God, and art my witness that I have no desire in my heart save to attain Thy good pleasure, to be confirmed in servitude unto Thee, to consecrate myself in Thy service, to labor in Thy great vineyard and to sacrifice all in Thy path.  Thou art the All-Knowing and the All-Seeing.  I have no wish save to turn my steps, in my love for Thee, towards the mountains and the deserts to loudly proclaim the advent of Thy Kingdom, and to raise Thy call amidst all men.  O God!  Open Thou the way for this helpless one, grant Thou the remedy to this ailing one and bestow Thy healing upon this afflicted one.  With burning heart and tearful eyes I supplicate Thee at Thy Threshold.

O God!  I am prepared to endure any ordeal in Thy path and desire with all my heart and soul to meet any hardship.

O God!  Protect me from tests.  Thou knowest full well that I have turned away from all things and freed myself of all thoughts.  I have no occupation save mention of Thee and no aspiration save serving Thee.