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“At every moment he beholdeth a wondrous world, a new creation, and goeth from astonishment to astonishment, and is lost in awe at the works of the Lord of Oneness.” —Bahá’u’lláh, The Seven Valleys

The photographs used for the Bahá’í Prayers web site were obtained from the photography libraries and individual photographers credited below.  The original images were larger; all were resized and cropped, and a few were retouched with a light hand.

Copyright © Dreamstime, 2008.

Hummingbird Mossy rock Pale rose Rainbow Red leaf Forest path Jasmine flowers Tree at dawn Lavender flowers Misty hills Thorns Beach storm Pink rose Mountain in the clouds Hummingbird Red leaf Seedling. Rainbow Forest brook Pale rose Blackbird Forest path Misty hills Large thorn Wheat stalks Red leaf Mountain glacier Parrot Rose thorns Still river Weeping willow Forest fire Mossy stream Sunbeam through trees Forest rain Rainbow Moon reflection Small birds Tree in fog Autumn stream House of Worship in Wilmette Silver thorn Blue flowers Red leaf Mountain Red leaf White tulip Ocean sunset Rainbow over a road Moon over the ocean White blossoms Mountain above water Cactus spines Lava flowing into the sea Red leaf Corn field Grand Canyon Red leaf Autumn stream Green leaf Blue waterfall Autumn leaves Blue waterfall Rain over golden fields Blue stream with colored leaves Autumn leaves Small waterfall Clouds rain and lightning Frozen thorns Blurred white flower Meadow stream Autumn leaves Blue waterfall Sunset rain Mountains Frosted red leaf Mountain stream Acacia leaves and thorns Blurred pink flowers Blue waterfall High mountain Stone staircase Rain over green fields Blue waterfall Lotus flower Blurred daffodils Still river sunrise Blurred pink rose Rain over water Thorns Stone stairs on a hill Rain at sunset Forest stream Rain at sunset Blue flowers High mountain Sunrise over the ocean Blurred flowers Lotus flower Blurred palm fronds Mountains reflected in a lake Blurred leaves in a stream Blurred tulips Orange sunset over a violet lake Red thorns Lotus flower Dried rose Desert stream Pale dry thistle Lotus flower Flowers in the rain Pale beach thistle Lotus flower Autumn stream Dried rose Old green door Lotus flower Stream Open door and stairs Lotus flower Dried rose Misty river Autumn stream Lotus flower Dried rose Stream Old door Lotus flower Two dried roses Misty trees Lotus flower Misty hills Desert stream Pink plumeria Old Spanish door Cedar tree Daisy Redwood tree Wedding bouquet Gold sunset Daisies Arbutus bark Desert Leaves Ocean storm High mountain Desert Sunset Row of trees Rose Stream at sunset Small waterfall Row of trees Lava flow at night White plumeria Misty hills Redwood tree Lotus flower Lotus flower

Copyright © Corbis Images, 1999 - 2003.

Blurred Bird of Paradise Sandstone cavern Lightning Multicolored flowers Pink rose Orange tulip Veins in a green leaf Red leaf Blue waterfall Tall trees Ocean sunset Forest pathway Mountain sunset Tulips Dirt road Joshua tree Ocean sunset Double rainbow Green clover Flowers beside a stream Blurred flowers Sunrise peaks River rocks Reflected mountain The moon from space Mountain peak Orange rose Unopened tulip Orange grasses Rain falling Moon over New York Blurred motion Dried rose Rain on tulips Mossy swamp tree Prairie clouds Distant mountains Northern lights Shallow stream Golden candlelight Icy white tree Clouds over the desert Small green stream Icy blue rapids Desert cactus at sunset

Copyright © iStockphoto, 2008.

Plumerias River stones Desert Huge wave Bristlecone pine River stones Yellow plumeria Desert Misty hills Ocean storm Ocean storm Beech tree River stones Yellow plumeria with reflection Ocean storm White plumeria Desert Bristlecone pine Old tree trunk Lei on the beach Bristlecone pine trunk Misty hills Ocean storm Ocean storm Desert Northern lights Ocean storm Autumn path Joshua Tree Bamboo at sunset Misty hills Rowboat River stones

Copyright © NASA, 2008.

Nebula NGC 2261 M81 Galaxy Nebula NGC 1333 Earth from space NGC 1132 Galaxy M81 Galaxy Galaxy Cluster MS 0735 Saturn's rings NGC 7674 Galaxy Cygnus Loop Supernova Remnant Earth from space Flare from star EV Lacertae

Copyright © Judith Broug (aka missyredboots), 2008.

Friesias. Unopened tulips. Pink flower. Pale yellow rose

Copyright © Masterclips (Art Today), 1999.

Misty landscape Uncurling fern Colored leaves Stone staircase

Copyright © Michael Micheletti, 2007.

Blue flowers Purple flowers Red ocean sunset Yellow rose

Copyright © Daniele Musella, 2008.

Deep red rose. Pink flowers. Pink and white flowers. Red rose

Copyright © Comstock, Inc., 1998.

Blue stones Yellow rose Rose thorn

Copyright © Marja Flick-Buijs, 2008.

Green leaf Green leaf Green leaf

Copyright © Roswitha Schacht, 2008.

Pink peony Yellow daisy Pink peony

Copyright © Big Stock Photo, 2008.

Floating lei Leis on the beach

Copyright © Gabor Karpati, 2008.

Small pink flowers White flowers

Copyright © Mark Miller, 2008.

Purple flower. White and pink flower.

Copyright © ArcPics Digital Imaging, 2000.

Columns of the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel

Copyright © Liz Ashe, 2008.

Sunset in dark water

Copyright © Andrew Beierle, 2008.

Red leaf

Copyright © Matthew Bowden, 2008.

Green leaf

Copyright © Joanie Cahill, 2008.

Green leaf

Copyright © Kevin Clifford, 2008.

Fall colors

Copyright © Christine (cooee), 2008.

Clouds at sunset

Copyright © Wendy Domeni, 2008.

Ocean sunset

Copyright © Eyewire, Inc., 2000.

Stalks of wheat

Copyright © Cris Fritsch, 2008.

Red leaf

Copyright © Esther Groen, 2008.

Green leaf

Copyright © Christophe Libert, 2008.

Fall leaves

Copyright © Ana Munoz, 2008.

Mountain sunset

Copyright © Ostephy, 2008.

Lightning storm

Copyright © Jonny Oz, 2008.

Yellow-orange flower

Copyright © Anita Patterson Peppers, 2008.

White flower

Copyright © Prisonbreak, 2008.

Red leaf

The plant drawings used in the versals (drop caps) are from the DesignPartsOne font Copyright © 2006 by Manfred Klein, available from Abstract Fonts.

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